Describe your ultimate date.

Time for some honesty. lol

I’d want her to come over and hang out with me. We’d watch a movie, play some games, talk and she’d spend the night. I just might sing to her. In the morning I’d make her breakfast. After that I’d take her to my secret spot on the lake. It’s really a beautiful spot; Perfect for making out.

For some reason I’d want to go buy something for no reason, eat some ice cream and then have lunch.

We’d go back to my place to take a break and freshen up a bit. I’m not against more making out.

As for dinner plans I’m not sure if I want to cook a candle lit dinner or go out to eat. After we eat or even before we do I’d want to go somewhere. Most likely to a concert, club (I love when a girl knows how to dance), festival or even to see some MMA. I guess it really depends on what she’s into.

Later I’d want to stop at a diner or coffee shop before heading home.
Landon Pigg – "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop"

Once we reach my apartment I’m so going to put the moves on her.
I’m quite innocent really. O:)
No one believes that. haha

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~ by Shikabane_Kira on September 22, 2011.

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