What’s the nicest gift you’ve ever given? Best received?

Well, I guess it depends on what’s nice to you. When I worked in this mall arcade, I bought this kid a Gameboy Advance and a couple of games because he lived in a single parent home and his mom didn’t make a lot of money. He was always in the arcade wanting to play games so I decided to help him out.

It’s going to be hard to think of something I can consider best received since I buy everything I want and don’t give people a chance to buy me anything. I’m trying my hardest to not say something cheesy like, ‘love.’

I wish someone would have bought me the Optimus Prime 20th Anniversary Figure before it became a collectors item. Now it sells for over 100 USD easy.

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~ by Shikabane_Kira on September 21, 2011.

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